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Psychotherapy, Counseling, Life & Health Coaching


As you try to move forward in your life or work, are old attitudes, behavioral patterns, or unresolved emotional issues holding you back?  Are old tapes, messages or beliefs creating barriers for you?  Feel like something is missing? Are you having difficulty in relationships or see repeating patterns?  Not coping well without alcohol, drugs, high risk (high-adrenalin and unsafe) behaviors?   Counseling and/or life coaching can help you develop a healthier sense of self, life and career strategies, create better options and resolve those long-standing problems, once and for all. Call today for your appointment.

We can help you with these issues:


  • Adult Children of Alcoholics/Addiction Issues

  • Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse

  • Adult Survivors of Domestic Violence

  • Anger/Conflict Issues

  • Anxiety

  • Chemical Dependency/Substance Abuse/Addictions

  • Chronic Illness

  • Codependency and Enabling Attitudes & Behaviors

  • Depression

  • Divorce, Pre- and Post-Divorce Issues

  • Health-related Issues

  • Interpersonal and Social Skills Problems

  • Lifestyle Change or Makeover

  • Loss and Grief

  • Marriages in Need of Repair or Resolution

  • Military Spouses/Life Partners Difficulties

  • Parenting & Co-Parenting Issues

  • (PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Pre-Marital (or Pre-Living Together) Counseling

  • Recovery Issues

  • Relationship Issues

  • Self-Esteem Issues

  • Separation/Civilized, Compassionate Divorce

  • Spiritually Aware and Developing

  • Stress Disrupting Your Life, Health or Work

  • Transition and Adjustment Problems in Life or Work

  • Trauma/Traumatic Stress

  • Victim of Crime - Stress Response(Victims of some violent crimes with a police report may qualify for free counseling through the Florida Crime Victim Compensation Fund)

  • Women in Military (Deployed, Reserves, Veterans and Retired) -  Readjustment, Life/Role Transition, Traumatic Stress Issues (including military trauma and assault).

  • Women Professionals Needing Direction and Balance


  Coaching for
  Life, Health
  & Work

Coaching is not therapy and should not  be used to help everyone or for all issues.  Coaching is good for skill-building and goal achieving.  Good for business owners, managers, teams, entrepreneurs, and staying on track to achieve health goals set by licensed professionals.


Coaching can be most effective with high-functioning individuals who are willing and capable of following through with steps to achieve mutually agreed-to goals, including homework between scheduled coaching sessions.  If not, you might not yet be ready, or open, to be coached.  This is called being coachable.


As a coach, I or one of my team, will help you set and achieve purposeful goals, overcome challenges blocking success in life, love and career. You will live more fully in the present while planning for and working towards the future. Our training, experience and skills as  psychotherapists/coaches will help in this process by identifying areas where therapy may be needed to help you work on deeper unresolved issues before entering into a coaching partnership. That way, you will achieve greater success in your coaching experience.


Having someone in your corner,. a person other than yourself to whom you can be accountable, can be very empowering and motivating so you to achieve greater success than ever by yourself.


Think you are ready to work on one of your problems with one of our coaches?  Find out more about how coaching can help you achieve more.  Email us today for your Coaching Readiness Quiz..

Individual Counseling

Sometimes life stressors or events may become too difficult to handle on your own.  It can become necessary, and helpful, to work with someone who is not related, won’t judge you, is trained in listening and observing, offers options, strategies, skills and resources for you while valuing and maintaining confidential, ethical care. 


Depending on your specific needs, we provide weekly 50-minute individual sessions.  If it should become necessary to address and overcome a crisis, or to work more intensively on a specific issue, we can temporarily meet for a longer session, or meet on a more frequent basis.  If you are ready to look at what is working and what isn’t, heal past wounds, resolve problems, get “unstuck” and out of your “history”, today is the time to call for an appointment and receive the help you need. 

Couples Therapy

There are many stressors today that place pressures on individuals that may make it more difficult to invest the time and nurturance necessary to create and sustain healthy, loving relationships. Communication, boundaries and negotiations may be lacking or break down, tensions and resentments may build.  Expectations and roles may be unrealistic.  You may lash out at one another, or withdraw from one another.  Skilled intervention by a licensed professional may be necessary to help you both reconnect, repair and rebuild your relationship.  Call us today to schedule your appointment to assess your relationship and help you get back on track.


Substance Abuse & Recovery Issues

When people think of addiction or substance abuse, it usually refers to alcohol or drugs.  Addiction, chemical dependency and substance abuse issues go beyond the usual drugs and alcohol.


People seek to have a certain “feeling”, “mood”, or altered reality” because they are not satisfied with the one they have. Or, they try to numb themselves from any feeling. Many get “hooked” on that “feeling” (or numbing) that is created by a change in the brain chemistry from various hormones such as dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, adrenalin and released to achieve the desired result.


In some people this may be due to having an emotional need to “fix” through overeating, especially sugar/carbohydrates or over-active sexual activities.  For others, it can show up as over-exercising, compulsive shopping, smoking, speeding or other high-risk activities providing an adrenalin “rush”. 


Some people may have more than one “addictive” behavior, stop one addiction then transfer to another, or have an “addictive personality”.  


Are you ready for Recovery?  Email us for a quiz to see if you are ready once and for all to have a healthy life through Intentional Recovery(TM). 

For more info on recovery click here to go to our other site for recovery....

Groups, Classes,
Workshops, Tele- Classes &Webinars

Groups provide extra support from others trying to deal with similar problems.  Groups can help you gain education, skills, increased awareness,


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